Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Project Almanac

Released in January of 2015, Project Almanac is a Sci-Fi movie in which time travel is involved. With that being said...I was too excited to see this movie. Anyone that knows me knows I'm somewhat of a nerd at heart and understand/believe that few things are impossible.

In this American-made film a group of friends embark on a journey when one of them finds a mysterious device in the basement of his family home and the entire thing is filmed as if being captured on camera by one of the characters. It all begins when the main character, David Raskin (who could easily be considered somewhat of a teenage genius), is in the attic looking for something to use for a project to apply for a scholarship to MIT (since his widowed mother wouldn't be able to afford it and in his acceptance letter they only awarded $5,000 or so towards tuition). His sister comes in the attic recording him and together they stumble upon their father's old camcorder (who passed away on David's 7th birthday).

They realize it still works 10 years later and press play to watch the last thing recorded which happened to be the 7th birthday party. While watching, David sees something in the reflection of a full length mirror and upon investigation realizes it's his present-day self. He freaks out and shows his friends. They attempt to recreate the frame and notice in the video David's reflection was flipping a light switch to the basement. When they go downstairs they hear a loud click while the light switch is being activated/deactivated. They locate the source of the noise to be a secret hatch in the ground directly connected to the light switch in which it unlocks when the lights are turned off and locks back when the lights are on.

They open the hatch and find this mysterious looking, inoperable device and blueprints for it. Looking through the blueprints they conclude it's a time machine and being teenagers with remarkable minds together they get it to work after multiple failed attempts and making a huge mess in the basement. Fast forward to the end they learn changing the past, even by the smallest of actions has a ripple effect of changes to the present day and should not be done.

For whatever reason it's only gotten 2 stars and a 35% rating out of 79 votes on Rotten Tomatoes and only 47% reported liking it. I guess not everyone appreciates science without too much drama. Regardless, I enjoyed it immensely and would recommend it to anyone that has even the slightest interest in this sort of thing. However, if you're not I would definitely say just wait for it to come on T.V. but I would say that regarding any genre of film so that's not saying any bad about this one. Either way check it out and see what ya think.

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