Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Jurassic World is a MUST SEE!!!!

This is a GOOD one. Okay so I was one of the ones that watched all of the Jurassic Park movies back in the day so when I first got wind of Jurassic World I was ecstatic the dinosaurs were ones again being brought to the big screen. I must say I was NOT disappointed in any way.

Of course being 2015 they "upped the ante" on the technology seen in the movie, including the culmination of dino breeding.

*SPOILER ALERT* (Please remember this is simplified cinemas so if you don't want it to be ruined for you...avoid continuing on now)

Okay so two brothers, one older about high school sophomore/junior age and the other younger probably middle school age, leave their parents to go visit their aunt who is like a site manager on the island where the park is located. Upon saying goodbye the mother of the two boys makes the comment "Don't get eaten" and laughs. This was definitely a sign for me that something BIG  was going to happen.

Moving right along, the boys make it to the island which is jam packed with visitors and looks uh-mazing.   They finally locate their aunt whom they haven't seen in years but she is too busy to spend much time with them (as can only be expected by a woman entrusted to run a Jurassic World island). She leaves them under the supposedly watchful eye to one of her assistants who ends up losing them, okay so maybe the boys did it on purpose but still. Meanwhile, their is a dinosaur whisperer working with the Raptors showing people that he can command them. (This was a foreboding moment for me as well) So they take him to go see their newest creation which is a cross between a bunch of different dinosaurs (the mix of which is "classified").

This dinosaur camouflaged itself and was able to outsmart the heat sensors which made the men think it escaped and the claw marks it made on the walls to the enclosure didn't help. So they went INSIDE the enclosure to get a closer look and that's when the Raptor whisperer catches on that the dinosaur creation actually didn't escape and was still inside the enclosure with them. They all 3 try to run out one didn't make it and was eaten 2 made it out but so did the creation. The 2 men hide but the creation being so smart found one of the 2 and ate him but the other guy, the Raptor whisperer, outsmarts the creation and drenches himself in fluid from the truck he's hiding under so the creation couldn't smell that he was hiding there.

.That's when it all begins, the nephews are caught in the jungle/forest and escape by the skin of their teeth. The owner of the park comes and crashes a helicopter which he was only learning to pilot and shouldn't have been flying in the first place. This crash breaks open the pterodactyl enclosure and they all escape and attack the park goers. The boys and the aunt reconnect with each other and the Raptor whisperer.

Most people evacuate except for those 4 and they end up witnessing the creation and the T-Rex which the aunt released purposefully to attack and take down the creation. Also the Raptors for a moment in time turned on the whisperer and was on the side of the creation until they had a moment of connection bonding time with the whisperer and got back on his side. The creation gets in a fight with the T-Rex in which it seemed the T-Rex would lose until it got to close to the water dinosaur who ended up eating the creation. But back in the lab the bad guys who wanted to use the "trained" Raptors as military weapons is in the process of stealing all of the creations in process and we are left with is there going to be another one? If so what's going to happen? Regardless I was thrilled at how this one played out and would definitely be first in line if there were to be another one made.

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