Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cinemas (movies)...simplified

As the blog title suggests I will be simplifying movies and of course giving my opinion on them. For example (and my reply of this is WAY better in person) Open Water. I'm not sure if you remember that  and don't blame you at all if you don't it was one of the least interesting movies my eyes have ever mirrored to my brain. A waste of time that I will NEVER be able to get back. A man and woman are scuba diving with a team. They go farther than they are supposed to and end up getting left. They argue and get mad at each other and while floating in the middle of an ocean decide to "not speak to each other". But since they had nowhere to go they just floated back to back. They fall asleep and end up floating away from each other then get eaten by sharks. The End. It was very...bland. Like eating a half cooked potato with no seasoning, no utensils, no condiments or anything else that would make it even halfway pleasing to our taste buds. But hey there may be some that like it (not sure why) but to each their own.

Anyway  I'll stop there since this was just supposed to be an example of what I mean by saying simplified cinemas. Oh and also I'll sometimes be sharing movies I'm excited to see as well as ones I don't care to see because the trailer made me yawn. Well I hope you will be sticking around for my entries. See ya!

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