Monday, March 30, 2015

The Loft...

I love a good mystery, so when I saw the trailer for The Loft I admit I got excited.

I mean seriously who doesn't like a good whodunnit especially when it involves James Marsden? ;-)

Well from the little knowledge I had before watching it I was surprised at what it was really about.

**SPOILER ALERT** Please stop reading here if you don't want it to be spoiled for you.

Alright so I was not expecting it to be about a group of guy friends that were cheating on their wives and get a loft to have a place to do so secretly. And being the cheater despise-r that I am that kind of put a bad taste in my mouth (yes I know it's just a movie but it's an all too real situation that I've witnessed ruin people's lives) however I was able to look past that when the wives seemed to be catching on to what was happening. I was waiting for the killer to be revealed as being one of the wives but was  NOT expecting for 4 of the friends to be setting up the 5th because he slept with 1 of their wives, another's sister, and set up another one with a prostitute! So it definitely threw me for a loop in that aspect.

Okay so here's my recap...some guys decide they want to cheat on their wives and get a bright idea to share a loft so they can take their mistresses, etc. there and have less of a chance of getting caught. So one girl gets caught up and starts feeling something for one of the cheaters and he "breaks up with her"so she spasses out and takes some pills. Another of the friends who didn't actually cheat on his wife but wanted to was recorded all of the adultery unbeknownst to anyone else. He liked this particular girl but of course she didn't like him well when she got broken up with he comes to her side at the loft where the other cheater left her and comforts her with a glass of wine which he drugs. She passes out he carries her to the bed and gives her an injection that was supposed to kill her without leaving a trace only it didn't work but he didn't know that then. So he staged it as if she overdosed on pills and wine and killed herself and forged a note to the other cheater. When the other 3 friends find her they blamed the main cheater and decide to make it more dramatic and drugged that friend and handcuffed him with the dead girl on the bed one of the crazy ones slit her wrist (this is what killed her). They call the cops who questions everyone and almost pinned murder on the main cheater until another friend pieces things together and the non-cheater that attempted to kill the girl actually kills himself at the end....and yeah that's pretty much the jist of it.

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